Refund Policy

We follow a reliable refund policy to let our customers feel privileged about their association with us. Please read the guidelines governing the refund policy.

  • If you wish to cancel your subscription, notify us at least 15 days before end of your term (via an email to [email protected]). You can also do so at any time by logging in to your account, clicking the down arrow next to your username, and selecting "Subscription." Click the "Cancel" button or turn off autopayments by clicking on 'Disable autopayments' button.
  • Your subscription gets renewed automatically at the end of each month unless auto renewal option is disabled.
  • If you stop using our services in between the term, we will not refund you the fees paid by you for the remaining term.
  • We reserve the right to modify or terminate the PolONTV service(s) for any reason, without notice at any time.
  • Fraud: Without limiting any other remedies, PolONTV may suspend or terminate your account if we suspect that you (by conviction, settlement, insurance or investigation, or otherwise, forcefully removed our branding) have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with the services offered by us.
  • Potential Refunds are invistigated individually.

  • 3 Day No Obligation Cancellation

    PolONTV offers SaaS service to companies under a 3-day no obligation cancellation policy. The no obligation cancellation begins immediately upon account activation. The 3-day no obligation cancellation period only applies to new customers and does not apply to existing customers that have a subscription plan. PolONTV will also not honor a free trial period for customers who were once paying subscribers, cancelled, and then decided to re-instate their subscription to PolONTV.

    At any time during the 3-day, potential subscriber (customer) can cancel their account and will be refunded in full with a minor service charge.

    In order to continue using SaaS after the 3-day no obligation cancellation period, you will be automatically be put to continue to your selected payment plan which you have selected initially at time of buying from range of selections of monthly or receiving a discount by paying for half yearly or full year of service.

    Monthly Billing, Cancellation, and Refund Policies

    PolONTV charges and collects in advance for use of the SaaS service. All services rendered are non-refundable. Once a customer selects a subscription plan and provides billing information, PolONTV will calculate a pro-rated amount with the first payment due on signing.

    All subscriptions monthly, quarterly and yearly renew automatically on their due renewal date according to date of purchase until officially cancelled in writing. Customers may cancel anytime by emailing a notice to: [email protected]

    Customers will receive an email from PolONTV confirming that their subscription to the SaaS service has been cancelled.